Rescued Horses Healing Humans at Maggie’s Farm Near Bulahdelah

Wrango with Virginia Ede of Maggie’s Farm.
Wrango with Virginia Ede of Maggie’s Farm.


JUST up the road from Bulahdelah you’ll find a unique property full of very much loved rescue animals.

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Maggie’s Farm and Sanctuary is home to rescued horses, goats, dogs, cats and even chickens.

The horses are mostly ex-race thoroughbreds, who for one reason or another needed homes.

There’s horses on the farm that have never been ridden nor have they had a bit in their mouths, of course the ex-racehorses are a different story.

These horses are magnificent to see, living as a herd, interacting calmly with people.

At this little slice of paradise these rescued animals have found love, and are now giving love back to humans.

Maggie’s Farm and Sanctuary , named after the first rescue that came to the family, Maggie the dog, delivers healing workshops for people living with stress.

The Healing with Horses workshops see people mix in the paddocks with the resident horse family at Maggie’s Farm and Sanctuary who are calmly grazing, gently emanating their magnificent energy and sense of calm.

The horses will choose to come and stand by participants, offering their very subtle assistance in whatever manner that feels right.

Perhaps they will offer a nose nuzzle or merely their presence and it is from here that people dealing with stress can begin a recuperative journey.

The workshops are fully accompanied with safeguards in place at all times.

Wendy Coombe, Founder of the national charity Animal Therapies told News Of The Area, “It is wonderful to see an organisation such as Maggie’s Farm and Sanctuary combine animal rescue with animal-assisted interventions.

“The combination makes a powerful formula for animals helping humans and humans helping animals.

She believes that the benefits for clients can include improved wellbeing, individual empowerment and a healthier way of living.

“Combine that with saving the life of an animal and you have a powerful combination that delivers wonderful outcomes,” she said.

Virginia Ede of Maggie’s Farm and Sanctuary told News Of The Area, “Participants get a sense of release and relief through participating in the Healing Horses Workshops.”

“The rescued animals are so appreciative; they know that you really care about them,” she said.

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Virginia Ede with Diva at Maggie’s Farm.
Virginia Ede with Diva at Maggie’s Farm.

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