Resident remembers the families from ‘Lost Medowie’

The red lines show the existing roads of Ferodale and Fairlands, and the blue lines show the old areas that were reclaimed for the dam, and the families that resided on the properties.
The red lines show the existing roads of Ferodale and Fairlands, and the blue lines show the old areas that were reclaimed for the dam, and the families that resided on the properties.


FOLLOWING News Of The Area’s myth busting interview with ex-Medowie resident, Gwen Tinsley Faulkner, we take a closer look at the property areas lost to the dam.

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Gwen told News Of The Area, having lived in both areas of Medowie in the 50s and 60s, that there were few comparisons.

“Our family referred to this area of Medowie as ‘up the other end’, which was partially isolated from the main Medowie, due to location and minimal transport.”
“One bus in the morning and another in the afternoon, to suit workers, who travelled to Stockton ferry.”

“It was a nice little area, and I remember lots of the families quite clearly and who lived where before we all had to move,” she said.

She also remembers Medowie being a wonderfully multicultural town.

“The families in our area were a mixture of Australians and New Australians, post war immigrants, who mixed to form a wonderful integrated community.
“There was no discrimination apparent, and most families, especially the New Australians, started with very modest, if any, finances, and worked very hard to become successful businessmen.”

Gwen Tinsley Faulkner was able to provide, from memory, the names of a large number of family properties in the area of ‘lost Medowie’ that were reclaimed for the dam by the Water Board.

  1. The site of the first post office in Medowie – on the corner of where Ferodale and Fairlands Roads. 2. Jones family, who also had a large orchard. 3. Moxey Family 4. Kozary family – two family homes next to each other on this site. 5. Falko Family. 6. Bannister Family. 7. Kawaskji Family. 8. Hodges Family. 9. Austin Family. 10. Swazak Family. 11. Redbrik Family. 12. Mrs Cook. 13. Tinsley Family (Gwen and her parents). 14. Rental property. 15. Douglas Family. 16. Sid Black and his son Eric. 17. Sroka Family. 18. Sasim Family. 19. Faulkner Family. 20. Mrs Villa. 21. Williams Family (Gwen’s grandparents) and their large orchard. 22. Billy Stevens. 23. Stavorak Family.

We encourage descendants of any Medowie families or early settlers to get in contact with News Of The Area and take part in our research on Medowie’s History.


By Rachael VAUGHAN


A modest hut owned by a family in ‘Lost Medowie’.
A modest hut owned by a family in ‘Lost Medowie’.

5 thoughts on “Resident remembers the families from ‘Lost Medowie’

  1. Moxey family: our orchard and poultry farm was reclaimed by the water board. We moved from Ferodale Rd around to Brocklesby Road where we lived in a converted 3 room shed whilst dad built our house. There was mum, dad, my sister, 2 brothers and myself. My eldest brother went to live with our grandfather; William Capper (Capper’s Flat). Our immediate neighbours were the 2 Kozary families who moved to Cardiff and Charlestown areas, Bill and Olga Stevens our neighbours from our back boundary, Ben and Hannah Bannister lived opposite our property and they moved to Lambton.. Col Jones and family were lucky enough to remain in their home on the corner of Ferodale and Fairlands Rd. As Gwen said there were many other families who left but these were our immediate neighbours. Medowie was a safe community, where one could name every family and where they lived along each road. The main roads were: Main (Medowie) Rd, Ferodale, Abundance, Fairlands, Lisadelle, Richardson, Brocklesby Roads. There were a couple of smaller roads off these that I can’t recall their names though. Loved Medowie of those days.

    1. My family had timber mills at media is.My uncle Sam died at the mill in 1947.The Hodges are my family member,I would love to give you more information.

  2. I am a granddaughter of Arthur and Ada Williams and cousin to Gwen Tinsley Faulkner. I had wonderful memories of regular visits to grandads orchard and spending school holidays with Gwen and her family. Such carefree days. Kate Dix (nee Kathleen Williams).

  3. Years ago when we visited Medowie orchards we were able to pick our own oranges after paying a fee. The name Jones’s orchard sound familiar. Are they still around and offer the same tourists attraction as in able to pick your own oranges?

  4. We lived on Grahamstown R,d which ran all the way down to Ferodale Rd where we caught the bus if we needed to go to /stockton and Newcastle, My parents Iwan and Wera Bazalej had a third ( which contained the home) resumed by the “dam” and they later bought the house back from the board and moved it back on what was left of the block, He then bought out the next door neighbour The Celeps and we ended having a quarter acre more. The property these days is know as Old Farm Nursery. My parents moved to Raymond Terrace.

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