Rotary Club of Nelson Bay awards further education scholarships

Vanessa Thompson, Rotary Club of Nelson Bay’s Ella Clarke and Kathy Rimmer.

ON Thursday 16 May the Rotary Club of Nelson Bay awarded Rotary International Centenary Scholarships to Vanessa Thompson and Kathy Rimmer to assist with further studies.

The scholarship will assist Vanessa, a registered nurse, to obtain specialised clinical nursing qualifications.

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Kathy will obtain further qualifications in her field of business leadership and management training.

“The Rotary Club awards two scholarships a year to residents of the Tomaree Peninsula to assist applicants in various fields of study which include research, academic, cultural or scientific undertakings and includes those wishing to further their qualifications in their chosen field as is the case with this year’s recipients,” said Richard Turner, Rotary Club of Nelson Scholarship Committee.

“In applying for a scholarship applicants must demonstrate that the proposed study outcomes will be of benefit to the Tomaree Peninsula.”

In May 2005, in celebration of Rotary International’s centenary, the Rotary Club of Nelson Bay initiated the annual scholarship as a “project of significant and ongoing benefit to our immediate community”.

“The club is pleased to report that over the last nineteen years the scholarship has proved to be a great success in assisting students in their chosen field with particular reference to those wishing to further advance their existing qualifications.

“The Rotary Club of Nelson Bay finances the small scholarships primarily from funds raised within the Tomaree community and as such encourages local students and or other eligible applicants to enquire about the scholarship as a means of firstly assisting them with their academic endeavours and then providing the means contributing something positive back into their own community.”

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