Salamander Bay Food Care help during lean times

Food Care Volunteers Irene, Merran, Ray, Angelica, Shirley and Ps Janelle.
Food Care Volunteers Irene, Merran, Ray, Angelica, Shirley and Ps Janelle.

SALAMANDER Bay Food Care at the Rock Church has been in operation for 15 years.

Assistant Pastors Janelle and Ivan Foster manage the team of volunteers who assist families and individuals who are on a
low income.

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Food Care comes under the banner of Global Care and is designed to help people in need whose incomes aren’t enough to sustain them.

Food Care is open every Wednesday from 11am to 1pm.

Bread, fruit and vegetables are all free and all grocery items are heavily discounted.

Donated by manufacturers to help the community, Food Bank has become a vital part of many people’s lives.

“There are so many people in our community who are asset rich but cash poor,” Janelle Foster told News Of The Area.

“We want to be flexible, so anyone in need is welcome.” Ms Foster added.

The Rock Church also has Clothing Care, where you can purchase a piece of clothing for as little as one dollar.

Clothing Care is open Wednesdays from 10am to 1pm.

“We are looking for businesses who can donate to food care to help subsidize our freight costs,” Janelle Foster said.

“Our running costs amount to $300 per week and all donations are tax deductible ”

“Any donation of fresh food or grocery items are also accepted and can also be receipted for tax purposes.” Ms Foster

Food Care is a Registered Charity and 90% of the volunteers are not “ church goers” but merely local people wanting to help local people.

New Start participants can volunteer at Food Care as part of their agreement with Centrelink.

Janelle wants to remove the social stigma which is often attached to charities like Food Care.

The Service is available for retirees, young families, single mothers and fathers, students or those with illnesses.

Ms Foster wants the community to know that Food Care isn’t a handout but rather a leg up during lean times.

Contact The Rock Church Salamander Bay for more information.


By Jewell DRURY


Clothing Care Volunteers Barbara and Ps Janelle
Clothing Care Volunteers Barbara and Ps Janelle

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  1. My name is Shayne O’Donnell and I live in Corlette. I am a part time parenting grandparent to five children.
    I would like to help as a volunteer. Also my 11 yr old granddaughter would also like to volunteer if it is at all possible as I think it is important for children to learn empathy to others.. Please can you give me some information and if it is at all possible. We are not church goers. but would to help others in our community.

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