Site for new Aquaculture Farm in Port Stephens

The 20 hectare site of the Aquaculture site in Providence Bay, 3.5 kms off Hawks Nest. Photo: Dept of Primary Industries.
The 20 hectare site of the Aquaculture site in Providence Bay, 3.5 kms off Hawks Nest.
Photo: Dept of Primary Industries.

AQUACULTURE Farming has been conducted all over the world since China’s Tang dynasty in 2500 BC and the Ancient Romans breeding fish in ponds and farming oysters in coastal lagoons.

Aquaculture involves cultivating freshwater and saltwater populations under controlled conditions, compared to commercial fishing which is the harvesting of wild fish.

Peter and Frances Bender of Huon Aquaculture began farming Salmon in 1986 in the waters that surrounded their farming property at Hideaway Bay, Tasmania.

Majorly privately owned, the Huon Aquaculture Group produces over 17,000 tonnes of fresh salmon per year and is recognised globally as being the premium producer of fresh and smoked salmon products.

Meryl Swanson - Member for Paterson
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Huon currently employ more than 550 multi skilled staff in most states of Australia.

Huon Aquaculture are partnering with the NSW State Government in a project to research the viability and methods of farming Yellowtail Kingfish in Providence Bay, approximately 3.5 kms off Hawks Nest near an already existing lease.

‘The sea pens are currently under construction in Newcastle and will be towed via a stopover through the Tomaree Heads to the Boulders in order to install netting on the pens, before proceeding to Providence Bay,” a NSW DPI spokesman told News Of The Area.

The research area will cover an area of 20 hectares.

The main infrastructure within the lease will have eight floating, double collared sea cages with an anchoring system with other infrastructures consisting of navigation buoys on the corners of the lease.

The  yellowtail kingfish fingerlings have been bred at the Port Stephens Fisheries Institute, Taylors Beach and will be delivered by helicopter on Thursday and Friday.

This site was chosen as it has ready access to the hatchery and research facilities of the Port Stephens Fisheries Institute and the harbour facilities of Port Stephens.

Huon has a long history of operating within shared waterways and working cooperatively with local tourism operators. commercial and recreational boaters and residents and hopes to have a good relationship with the Port Stephens residents and business owners.

Local residents of Port Stephens and many businesses have been petitioning the NSW State Government in opposition to the Aquaculture plans.


By  Jewell DRURY

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