Santa visits Myall Coast towns with Rural Fire Service helpers

The crew prepare to deliver gifts to kids on Christmas Eve: Captain David Bright, new recruit Lisa Moss-Stuart, Santa and Alex Sinclair.

CHILDREN all over the Myall Coast towns of Tea Gardens, Hawks Nest, Pindimar and Bundabah were thrilled to receive the jolly old elf himself, with his Helpers from the Pindimar/Tea Gardens Rural Fire Service (RFS), on Christmas Eve 2023.

Beginning at Pindimar South, the RFS’ big red Cat1 fire-truck stood in for Santa’s sleigh and reindeer, who were taking a last-minute rest before their big round-the-world sojourn the following day.

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RFS Captain David Bright, who drove the sleigh/truck for Santa, commented to NOTA, “All was well, it was very successful, a lot of happy children got to see Santa.

“As usual, Santa contacted us to give him a lift around the town and just check it out to see what kids were here from other areas.”

“We had an enthusiastic bunch of ‘elves’ assisting Santa, decorating the truck to look like a sleigh, and helping to hand out the lollies.”

Captain Bright has been involved with the annual Santa Run for longer than he cares to remember, and was happy to get back into the event after missing it in 2022 for the first time in ten years.

After visiting kids at the Pindimar Carols, and with the Karuah RFS on 23 December, Santa came stocked with lollies that were given out to kids as they waited patiently along the route.

As a first, Santa’s route with the Pindimar-Tea Gardens RFS was tracked via Glympse through the RFS Facebook page, updated in real-time on the day so that no-one missed out.

Pindimar South and North had to rise a little earlier, but several families came out there and across Bundabah in the morning.

After a quick rest-stop to feed and water the reindeer, who were resting at one of the local RFS Stations, Santa and his RFS Elves continued on into the more heavily populated Hawks Nest/Tea Gardens area by 1:30pm, ever more so with the large influx of holidaying visitors.

Santa’s sleigh-truck covered both sections of Myall Quays before rounding Tea Gardens, then over the Singing Bridge and into Hawk Nest.

Both Reflections caravan parks were included, as well as Swan Bay with the rest of Hawks Nest’s main streets, before a circuit of Winda Woppa.

Santa made one more swoop back across the Bridge to swing past the Tea Gardens riverfront and Limestone, before heading back to pack up his toys and take off on his annual epic voyage.

By Thomas O’KEEFE

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