School Holiday fun at the Jetty Theatre

A Little Bit of Blue is an interactive, environmental detective story.

SCHOOL holidays are fast approaching and for those of us enjoying a staycation, the Jetty Theatre has two unique, interactive and play-focused performances for the kids and grandkids.

Tiptoe Giants – Wednesday 5 July at 10:30am.

First up, on Wednesday 5 July, the Tiptoe Giants take to the stage to get the little feet jumping, hearts pumping and endorphins flowing.

The indie-kindie band writes fun, contemporary, age-appropriate music that empowers children to think, feel and grow as individuals and within their communities.

Describing themselves as “learning disguised as fun”, the Tiptoe Giants deliver banger after banger, taking their audience on an epic musical adventure of sweet harmonies and carefully-crafted instrumentation with beautiful, educational lessons seamlessly mixed in.

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A Little Bit of Blue – Wednesday 12 July at 10 am and 1pm, and Thursday 13 July at 10 am.

Next up for kids, on the 12,13 and 14 of July, put away your dancing shoes and get out your thinking caps because we have a mystery to solve, and we need your help to crack the case!

A Little Bit of Blue is an interactive, environmental detective story told with puppets revolving around a mysterious case of disappearing objects.

An ecologist and puppeteer of more than twenty years, Jenny Ellis weaves the whole mystery together.

It’s a fun, frolicking mix of detective noir and slapstick woven into a fascinating tale of an extraordinary Australian animal.

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The Tiptoe Giants offer “learning disguised as fun”.

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