Seniors Engaged in Positive Social Activity Liver Better and Longer

Nelson Bay Ladies Probus Club Members helping Jenni Rossi sing from her Case of Memories Sister Paula Redgrove,  Jan Smith and Joy Doyle.
Nelson Bay Ladies Probus Club Members helping Jenni Rossi sing from her Case of Memories Sister Paula Redgrove, Jan Smith and Joy Doyle.


SOCIAL activity has been proven to improve the health of seniors and avoid the risk of Alzheimer’s.

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Probus is a social group for retirees with over 130,000 members throughout Australia and New Zealand, and it’s Chairman Douglas Geekie says that studies show there are at least five good reasons to maintain a good social life through joining a social club and interacting with other like-minded people on a regular basis.

There are six Probus Clubs on Tomaree Peninsula and at Medowie, Raymond Terrace and on the Tilligerry Peninsula.

In fact no matter where you live around Port Stephens there’s a Probus Club ready to welcome retiree’s and those semi-retired.

Being with people you like helps lower stress, which in turn can help your blood pressure and reduce cardiovascular risks.

Keeping a sharp mind is as simple as having regular conversations with friends or joining in with group activities is good for your physical and mental wellbeing.

According to a study conducted by the Centre for Advancing Health, being social can slow the progression of declining health.

Participants in the study with active social lives maintained good health longer, or developed problems later in life than participants who were isolated and anti-social.

Club membership can potentially reduce the incidence of depression.

Douglas Geekie, Chairman of South Pacific Probus Club told News Of The Area, “The more opportunities you find to maintain an active, exciting retirement even if your idea of a great time is just sitting down and chatting over afternoon tea.

“Being part of a group means there’s more people to stimulate ideas and plan interesting activities based on your likes and dislikes, and even if you’re not keen on doing things with a large group of people, a club will still give you the chance to make new individual friends,” he said says Douglas.

Jill Stephenson, Secretary of the Nelson Bay Ladies Probus Club Told News Of The Area, “We have ladies, men’s and mixed Probus Clubs in Port Stephens, and some of these clubs participate joint activities as well.”

You can find out more about a Probus Club near you at

Or contact Jill Stephenson of the Nelson Bay Ladies Probus at or 0418 661 689



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