Sophisticated Scam using Telstra Letterhead

Sample of a dubious email letter to be wary of.
Sample of a dubious email letter to be wary of.


ONLINE scams are becoming more and more sophisticated and convincing.

Kate Washington
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Currently, people purporting to be from Telstra are using a fake letterhead to attempt to hack into your banking details.

It works like this: an email will arrive complete with your Telstra account number and your ‘reference bill number’.

The page is a replica of the real deal and is signed by Gerd Schenkel who claims to be an Executive Director.

The blurb alleges that you have paid your monthly account twice and they need your banking details to repay you.

A simple check of your Telstra receipt will reveal a discrepancy in the figures quoted or a phone call to the telco on 13 22 00 will clarify the matter for you.

Telstra seems to be ‘flavour of the month’ lately with scammers as News Of The Area has also had reports of them working the phone lines offering discounts to ‘loyal’ customers.

Of course they need your personal details to reward you.

Any residents receiving emails that seem suspicious should not provide any personal details.

Instead, you should contact your service provider and also alert the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission via Scam Watch:

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