St Brigid’s Raymond Terrace Announces their Student Leaders for 2020

St Brigid’s Student Leaders and Sports Captains for 2020.


ST BRIGID’S student leadership group has a different structure to most schools in the local area.

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The School Parliament and Sport Captain roles have been running at St Brigid’s for over 10 years with great success.

Each school leader, led by the Prime Ministers are called to represent and assist the St Brigid’s school community and act as the public face of the student body.

They actively demonstrate leadership skills and responsibly service their school, are required to represent the school at liturgies and celebrations both at school and within the wider community and are often called to make speeches on behalf of the students of St Brigid’s.

Being a member of the student leadership team helps to develop great skills, including Communication and leadership; Organisation and decision-making; and the skills to negotiate and get along.

They are encouraged to display respect for others and their ideas or opinions and undertake responsibility within the school community.

The 2020 Prime Ministers are Lila Maloney and Zac MacGill, Ministers for Fundraising & Entertainment are Allie Pike and Benjamin Hayne, Ministers for Technology are Logan Slater and Zac McGill, Ministers for the Environment (Stewards of Creation) are Minnie Boland and Scarlet Gibbons, Ministers for Health & Welfare are Layla Brown and Sophie O’Sullivan, Ministers for Sport are Harry Martin and Parker Penfold, Ministers for Communication are Lila Maloney and Zane Hunter.

Sport Captains for the year are Aneke VanVegchel, Oliver Hair, Brooke Langdon, William Sellick, Matilda Moore, Layla Twyford Eliana Tull and Alana Sepos.

A wonderful achievement for these students who will have a busy year ahead.



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