Stinker’s Fishin’: Anglers and danglers

Wayne Coles with a flathead caught and released in Tilligerry Creek.

OCCASIONALLY I am asked who I consider to be the best recreational fisher in Port Stephens.

There are many who reach the finals including Wayne Coles, George Trinkler, Brent Hancock, Benny Doolan and Paul Lennon.

Any of these could catch a fish in a wash basin.

There are many levels of fishing expertise and those listed are certainly at the highest level.

So what makes someone a better fisher than someone else?

In my opinion it is the ability to catch a wide variety of fish with regularity.

To have the unique skill to think like a fish.

This skill is gained by many hours on the water studying all the variables that determine whether you will or will not catch a fish.

Many others concentrate their efforts on one or two species and they become very good at it.

Those listed however have shown over the years that they can catch anything.

All those listed also include their families in their outings which makes fishing a family affair.

My old mate, the late Bill Croft, could fit comfortably with those I have listed.

Crofty carved out his own lures and studied fish habits from the upper reaches of the Karuah River to the depths of the outer reefs.

Fishing wasn’t a recreation, it was a challenge which led to an addiction.

For most of us fishing is more of a recreational experience and catching a fish can be a bonus.

In the great recreational experience that we call fishing there are anglers and danglers.

No matter your ability, the experience is always rewarding.

Give it a go.

By John ‘Stinker’ CLARKE

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