Stinker’s Fishin’: Fishing red hot

Stockton Beach bream are lining up.

TO our many school holiday visitors, a warm Port Stephens welcome.

There is a chance that I am biassed however I reckon that you have arrived in a boating, diving, surfing, sightseeing, seafood and fishing wonderland.

For those attempting to catch a fish the news is all good.

The main target offshore is snapper which I’m pleased to report are cruising in excellent numbers over all the reefs and through the white water from Birubi north to Broughton Island.

Plastics or fresh bait on sunrise will do the trick.

I bagged half a dozen thumpers in front of the Outer Light just on sundown.

The beaches are on fire and have been since Christmas.

Old Schoie reports cracker bream are just behind the first line of breakers on Stockton Beach while Fingal Beach is always worth a try between the surf club and the Spit.

The notorious Fingal Spit goes under water following the recent five metre sea we experienced.

My advice is don’t cross the spit!

Inside the Port, things are getting out of control with monster mud crabs to an astounding three kilograms lumbering through the mangrove forests while blue swimmers are few but big in size.

Thumping flathead are ambushing plastics, hard bodied lures and bait from Shoal Bay to Tilligerry Creek.

Sea mullet are on the move.

Watch the commercial fishermen at work on Stockton Beach, One Mile, Boat Harbour and Fingal.

Enjoy your holiday and stay safe.

By John ‘Stinker’ CLARKE

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