The Backyard Ultra has no finish line!

The Backyard Ultra involves participants running or walking 6.7 kilometres (one ‘lap’) within an hour, with each new lap starting on the hour. Whoever finishes the most laps wins.

COFFS Trail Runners are hosting the inaugural Coffs Backyard Ultra on Saturday 1 June 2024 – the first Backyard Ultra event for the North Coast of NSW.

Held at Coffs Harbour Showground and along the picturesque Coffs Creek Walkway, the Backyard Ultra involves participants running or walking 6.7 kilometres (one ‘lap’) within an hour, with each new lap starting on the hour.

Anyone who cannot complete the lap within the hour cannot continue onto the next lap.

The event continues until there is just one person remaining – the last one standing, with prizes also for last female and male standing.

The inaugural event already has over 200 entries which will make it one of the most popular Backyard Ultra events ever held in Australia.

“We are amazed by the number of runners who will be lacing up their shoes for the inaugural Coffs Backyard Ultra,” Coffs Trail Runners President and Event Director Keelan Birch said.

“As an inclusive and community-centred running event, we are encouraging anyone who can run 6.7km to take part.

“It’s a great way to achieve a personal best as each 6.7 km lap is not a race and there is a break between laps until the next hour begins.

“The relaxed nature of the event means people are often more social and running together.

“With the event going until one person remains, the mystery and excitement of the event is not knowing when it will end.

“With the first lap starting at 8:00am Saturday, we will see the bulk of runners finish sometime on Saturday.

“However, we are aware of several people planning to run for 24 hours or longer.

“The longer the event goes on, the more exciting it is to follow as we seek to know: who is going to be the last one standing?”

With last female, last male and last one standing honours on the line, Jonathan Ash and Clare Palmer are two strong contenders familiar with the Backyard Ultra format.

Both runners recently competed in the Sydney Backyard Ultra, with Clare completing 120km (18 laps) to come in as the fourth female.

Jonathan was the last one standing overall with a huge 281km (42 laps).

“Given the calibre of runners like Clare and Jonathan, along with many travelling across NSW and interstate, who knows how long the event will go on for.

“We welcome spectators to come and watch the action unfold anytime on Saturday or Sunday.

“It is a amazing to see the resilience the runners display

“If you want to do your best in the Backyard Ultra, you can’t place a limit on yourself or a goal number of laps.

“The objective is just to do one more lap.

“However, this donation-based event is just as much about community building and encouraging personal bests no matter the distance.

“We have plenty of recreational runners, parkrunners and triathletes joining us for one or two laps.

“Just to be part of the atmosphere of this unique event.”

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