Stinker’s Fishin’: No place like home

Blue swimmer crabs are starting to tap dance from Shoal Bay to Karuah.

A CHANGE in the pace of life has led me to spend the last couple of weeks on the Terranora Lake system, just west of Tweed Heads.

I have mentioned that Tweed Heads is my hometown and I do enjoy returning for a few weeks each year to catch up with old friends and to launch the boat into the shallow waters of the lake.

The change of pace is rather extreme from the rock and roll in front of the Outer Light off Fingal Island in ‘Stinkpot’ to the tranquil water in the lake.

From targeting snapper with 20lb line in the white water to slowly drifting in around two metres depth for big whiting.

In comparison, the Tweed experience is laid back with the day starting with a trip into the lake in a flat bottom punt, anchoring on the expanse of yabby banks with the aim to pump enough yabbies for a morning’s fishing as the tide runs in.

The whiting have been going crackers with thumpers between 35-40 cm taking the yabby on a No4 hook, tiny pea sinker on 3kg line.

Big whiting can put up a mighty battle.

In the evenings it is back into the lake with a couple of crab traps baited with fresh whiting skeletons.

The big blue swimmer crabs have been in excellent numbers with up to five cracker crabs in each trap.

I have eaten so many that I am walking sideways.

Back in Port Stephens it is time for the blue swimmers to arrive.

Remember that witches hats are banned as are traps with an entry over 32 cms.

Taylors Beach, North Arm Cove and Tilligerry Creek are crabbing hot spots.

I enjoy a break on the Tweed, but it is always great to come back home to Port Stephens.

By John ‘Stinker’ CLARKE

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