Tea Gardens Women’s Bowling Club

Pat Baker, Robyn Webster, Sandra Leisemann and Deyonne Page at North Haven Riverview carnival.

TUESDAY 24th October: Social bowls played 3 games of 3 bowls Triples 18 ends. Carol Hayden, Jeanette Emmett and Dale Winter took an early lead bowling against Lorraine Murphy, Dawn Jones and Deyonne Page but by the 9th end the score was 9 all. Dale’s ladies won the next 2 ends adding 6 points to their tally (15 v 9). Unfortunately they remained scoreless for the next 7 ends, resulting in a loss for them 18 v 15. A similar tale on the next rink Sheila Rattray, Judi Polak and Dale Cameron’s score on the 4th end was 9, Lynda Richards, Jean Glover and Bette Saillard 0, by the 9th end the score 9 all, the 11th end 10 all. From here on the game was dominated by Bette’s team winning 26 v 12. On the 14th end Pam Gilchrist, Lyn Nightingale and Lynne Green held a 5 shot lead v Sheril Johnson, Ingrid Luck and Karen Green, 14 v 9. Karen’s team made a “comeback” the result of this contest a 15 all draw. The winners on the day winning with the lowest margin were Lorraine, Dawn and Deyonne.

Thursday 26th October: No bowls played due to rain.

A number of our members enjoyed a great week of bowling at North Haven Bowling Club from Saturday 14th October – Saturday 21st October, this was the 65th year for their Riverview Carnival. Congratulations to Sandra Leisemann, Robyn Webster, Deyonne Page and Pat Baker on your win in the Mixed Fours, coming 4th from a field of 42 teams. I have been told a fun week enjoyed by all attended, many other activities besides bowls.

Coming events: Monday 30th October Robyn Beaumont competing in NDWBA Open Singles Championship. Tuesday TUESDAY 31st October: Ruth Bowden Trophy Day, Karuah v TGWBC plus social bowls. The annual Ruth Bowden Trophy Day has been contested for well over 20 years now, format for play 4 teams each, 3 bowls Triples 18 ends this year our turn for a home game. Although Karuah won 2 games as did TGWBC, the winners of the Trophy are determined by total points scored hence TGWBC regained the Trophy victors by 11 points 65 v 54. Social bowls played 2 games of Triples, a win to Sheril Johnson, Maureen Campbell and Dale Winter 13 v Sheila Rattray, Dawn May and Deyonne Page 8. Winners also were Precy Swaddling, Deb Gardner and Maynie Roberts 13 v Jan Coomer, Sue Morris and Jeanette Emmett 7. The money winners here winning with the lowest margin were Sheril, Maureen and Dale Winter.

Thursday 2nd October: Social bowls played 3 games of “turn around” Singles, 4 bowls each bowler plays 2 ends and Marks for 1 end. A game of 2 bowls Triples and a game of 3 bowls Pairs all 12 ends. The winners of the Triples Dorothy Thompson, Bev Dunn and Ingrid Luck 12 v Vicki Harris, Sue Morris and Deyonne Page 7. Carol Hayden and Maynie Roberts led 6 to nil on the 5th end v Deb Gardner and Maureen Campbell, unfortunately they remained scoreless for the next 4 ends but did eventuate winning 9 v 7. Results of the Singles Sheila Rattray, Jean Glover and Chrissy Buddle, Sheila won 2 games, Jean 1 and Chrissy none. The contest between Dale Cameron, Lynne Green and Lynda Richards was very even, they all won a game each and last but not least Bette Saillard won 2, Bev Harrington winner of 1 game and Dale Winter runner up in both of her games. Winners on the day by drawing a card were Sheila, Chrissy and Jean.

Coming events: Good bowling to our teams entered in the Fingal Bay Triples Invitation Day Monday 6th November. TGWBC Major Singles Championship commences Thursday 9th November.


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