Stinker’s Fishin’: Stinker – a fishing dinosaur

Yellowtail are dynamic.

IN fishing terms, I’m a dinosaur – everything I do is old. My methods, fishing gear and techniques have been around since Adam was a boy.

My boat, “Stinkpot”, which I launch in Kiddies Corner on Fingal Beach, is just over three metres long.

The mighty little tinny is driven along by a 9hp outboard.

As could be imagined, after all the safety equipment, there is little room for anything else.

No GPS or sounder, however I still manage to anchor on some of the greatest snapper grounds that Port Stephens has to offer.

To locate the hot spots, I use the time-tested method of lining up landmarks like trees, houses and significant landforms.

Once settled, it is time to establish a rich berley trail of muddied bread, fish and prawn scraps and anything else you can find.

Time to get serious.

With a 20lb line and 7/0 hook I toss an unweighted bait just short of the white water, secure my two rods in a holder and either side of the tinny and wait.

So, what is the best bait to catch “Big Red”?

I have tried them all from fresh squid, squid heads, pilchards, bonito, tuna, tailor and mullet fillets and prawns.

The best baits I have found are slimy mackerel and the humble yellowtail.

Preferably fresh, slimies and yakkas, either filleted or cubed, are dynamite.

By John ‘Stinker’ CLARKE

Slimy mackerel is hard to beat.

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