Stroud Show tradition continues despite relentless rain

Mark Everingham showed how to handle a horse in the relentless rain. Photo: Nyomi Aubrey Photography.

REAL country spirit was exhibited at the Stroud Show, Friday to Sunday 5-7 April, as horse-masters, dog owners, and dignitaries alike braved the savage weather to continue the annual tradition.

Friday’s main arena hosted some very wet horses and their riders/leaders, with the led and ridden classes and sporting program at the Rodeo Arena.

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The famous Allen Pavilion gave respite from the rain, with fine arts displays, children’s artworks, grass critters, woodcraft and a scarecrow display.

Despite very accurate predictions of 75-100mm of rain on Friday, and a discouraging outlook for the weekend, show-runners and competitors persevered and returned on Saturday to enjoy the glorious weather as the storms swept out to sea.

Some events, understandably, had to be cancelled, including six-bar show-jumping and Saturday’s Ring Classes, with safety always the top priority.

Greig and Cherie Mason, both staples of the Stroud show-jumping events, were, with no little fanfare, both awarded Life Membership to Stroud Show in recognition of their efforts.

Dog jump was still a must-see, as were the extensive and highly competitive woodchop and post-splitting events, as always redefining human strength by the sheer speed with which these people can tear apart a tree.

The main day, Saturday, also saw the adjudication and awarding of the Stroud Show ‘Young Woman of the Year’, this year awarded to Claire Harvey in recognition of her achievement over hardships.

Show President James Harris was very proud of the turnout, not only in spite of the weather on the Friday, but to the fact that the Stroud Show, which has run for more than a century, continues strong and unstoppable.

“A great show, incredibly proud of the team that ran the event,” James told NOTA.

“We had 75mm of rain on Friday, but they all stepped back on Saturday to run what we could and we still pulled in over 2000 people, despite it being wet underfoot.

“I am a very blessed President to run this show.”

By Thomas O’KEEFE

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