Stroud Showground to receive government support

The Stroud community hit hard by April’s super storm says it is confident it will receive government support to clean up its showground.Stroud Showground

Stroud’s showground suffered a million dollar’s worth of damage in the wild weather, including damage to pavilions and a heritage-listed grandstand.

The property was not covered by insurance because it is located in a flood-prone area.

Great Lakes Councillor Karen Hutchinson said they are now waiting for funds to get clean up works underway.

“We have applied for natural disaster funding and those applications went in immediately and we’ve applied to the state and federal governments for funding,” she said.

“We’re confident that everything will be restored.”

Councillor Hutchinson said the showground is a meeting place for the whole community.

“It’s not just a showground or just a playing field, it’s the hub of the community,” he said.

“People come down and meet here. A lot of the older citizens of the community come and they just sit and they really enjoy the atmosphere down here.”

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