Talking about mental health at any age

1. Members of the Fingal Bay Probus Club out and about together at Lemon Tree Passage.

R U OK Day 2023 is Thursday 14 September, a day to check in with our mates and normalise frank discussions about mental health.

Many of us initially think of younger people when we think of mental illness, however many older Australians are also impacted.

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Australia has around 4.3 million retirees, with many suffering from loneliness due to social isolation.

“Depression is a mental health condition that can affect people of any age,” Health Direct Australia says.

“More than one in ten older people experience depression.

“The three main causes of depression in older people are poor physical health, social isolation and loss.

“If you have signs of depression for two weeks or more, or you are concerned that you may have depression, don’t delay – speak to your doctor.

“Ageing does not make treatments for depression less effective – with the right treatment, you can recover from depression whatever your age.”

Julia Redlich of the Probus Club of Fingal Bay believes there are many older people in our community suffering the effects of loneliness.

She also knows firsthand the positive effects of social interaction and a sense of belonging through an organisation like Probus.

Julia Redlich of Fingal Bay Probus Club told News Of The Area, “We look after each other – in sickness, after loss of a partner or any other problems.

“Of course COVID affected many and, because of our age group, loss is inevitable.

“R U OK is frequently asked.

“We listen to problems, offer help and that all-important friendship,” she said.


2. Fingal Bay Probus Club members enjoying a walk together.

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