Tea Gardens gets ready for Bushfire Season


BUSHFIRE season is almost upon us and to ensure we’re all prepared, the NSW Rural Fire Service is holding an Information day and BBQ  in Tea Gardens this Saturday 10 September.

It’s called the ‘’Get Ready Weekend” and members from the RFS will be on hand in the Coles Car Park from 9 am until 3 pm to answer questions on how best to prepare your home and yourselves for fire season.
The RFS says there are 5  simple steps to having a bushfire survival plan.

First, trim overhanging trees and shrubs.

Mow your lawn and remove all the cut grass.

The RFS also recommends that you remove material that  can burn around your home such as door mats, wood piles, mulch leaves and outdoor furniture.

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Clear and remove all debris and leaves from the gutters around your home.

And finally the RFS suggests you prepare a hose or hoses that can stretch all around the home.

The RFS said, “ a few small actions now, could make all the difference if fire threatens your homes.”

Education Officer for the Great Lakes area, Darrin Briggs says the Rural Fire Service is always looking for volunteers.

“Being a volunteer doesn’t mean you have to be out in the field fighting fires.”’

‘’We’re always looking for volunteers to keep the fire fighters fuelled with food and refreshments, or people to join our communication ranks .”


By  Margie TIERNEY

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