Tea Gardens Library’s Annual Trivia Night is one to mark

Carol Johnson, Tea Gardens Librarian
Carol Johnson, Tea Gardens Librarian

IF you love to test your knowledge, love to laugh and love a great night out,  then the Tea Gardens Library’s Annual Trivia Night is one to mark on your calendar.

“It’s just a great fun night,” Librarian Carol Johnson told the News Of The Area.

Kerry Bunton and her sister will be back for more trivia and laughter.

“We had a terrific time last year,, my sister is a quiz show freak so with her knowledge we won the night,” said Kerry.

The event is organised by FOGGLS (Friends of Great Lakes Library Service) and Staff and Volunteers of the Tea Gardens Library.

So when and where is it on.

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The Trivia Night is being held on Saturday, 10 September at the Hawks Nest Community Hall and everyone is encouraged to BYO and nibbles.  Start time is 6.30pm.

Cost per person is $15 and there will be Tea, Coffee and a light supper.

Gather 8 friends to fill a table or come and join as an individual.

All money raised goes to the Tea Gardens Library.



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