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Picture shows the finalists in the Club Major Singles.Runner-up Sean Mearrick and 2016 Club Singles Champion Richard Lee.
Picture shows the finalists in the Club Major Singles.Runner-up Sean Mearrick and 2016 Club Singles Champion Richard Lee.

Tea Gardens Men’s Bowls

MANY thanks to John Younghusband for taking care of my reporting role for the past couple of weeks.

Thanks also to the members of the Tea Gardens Bowling Club for their get well messages.

The Jaffa is back!

6 July: The weather was so foul for the playing of the usual Wednesday Nominated Triples that many players pulled out before the game.

Forty-two bowlers however stayed on and had great fun competing in one game over 20 ends.

I have it on good authority that the wind strength was equivalent to a force 7 gale with some gusts around 85 kilometres.

There were some official winners but I have no idea who they were. Suffice it to say that the weather beat them all!

8 July: The wild wet and windy conditions put paid to any chance of play in the Friday Jackpot Pairs.

The new Management Committee have taken the plunge and have declared that as from Friday 15 July Friday Jackpot Pairs will become an “open” event.

That is it will be open to anyone, male or female, desiring to compete.

The format will be the same with a draw for partners and play will comprise three-bowl pairs over 18 ends.

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The jackpot is well over $300.00 and well worth winning.

9 July: The weather cleared today to allow the Final of the Club Major Singles Championship to be completed.

Although there was no rain during the four hours of play, there was a brisk southerly wind, seemingly blowing from the Antarctic, which made play difficult and spectating a feat of endurance.

The finalists, Richard Lee, (defending champion) and good mate and playing partner, Sean Mearrick, know each other’s game very well so there was an expectation that the final was going to go right down to the wire.

Both players had some tough games in early rounds to get to the final.

Richard had to overcome Col Amos, Peter Gurney and former Club champion Dennis Ashbridge, whereas Sean had to beat the fast-improving, Ross Barry and the well credentialed, Stephen Pell and Jeff Baker and Ben Brown. No mean feat!

Sean was first away but neither player was conceding any multiples so that it was not unexpected that by the 14th end the scores were tied at 9-all.

A two at the 18th end saw Richard hit the lead for the first time which he held through to the 25th end when the scores were once again tied at 17-all.

Sean then, almost inconspicuously, eased away winning 10 out of the next 12 ends and holding a 10 shot, (29-19), lead at the 37th. Two shots would give Sean the title!

What happened next left the spectators witnessing one of the greatest finals ever seen at Tea Gardens.

Richard managed a two on the 38th end and with control of the mat played short ends with the jack on the tee. The change was amazing.

Richard picked up 6 shots in the next three ends and trailed 27-29 at the 41st. Game on!

A drama –filled last end saw Richard holding at least 3 shots in the head with a measure for 4.

Sean let go a Mearrick “trade-mark” drive which unfortunately missed everything.

The measure counted and it was all over.

Richard Lee successfully defending his title 31-29.

Congratulations to both players for a memorable game played in the true spirit of bowls.

The players would be grateful to Club President Keith Smith for marking the game and for Bob Weir for umpiring.

Thanks also to the dedicated bowls supporters who braved the wintery conditions to see the match.

It was worth it!

10 July: Under overcast skies, 24 bowlers enjoyed the day at Sunday Introduction to Bowls.

The regulars welcomed new bowlers Bob and Nola Liuvinskas and Beverly Thrift’s granddaughters who joined in the fun.

The winners for the day were Gary Wynne, Kingsley Joliffe and Nola Liuvinskas.

In other news, the draw has been completed for the 2016 Club Triples Championship with 10 teams entered.

Round 1 will commence on Saturday 16 July with trial ends set for 12.40pm and play to commence at 1.00pm.

Two potentially “crackers” of games will start proceedings with the team of Bob Skewes, Ray Sullivan and Mark Hair taking on Ken McKeown, Kerry O’Brien and John Carey and the team of Barry Drayton, John Bilby and Steve Pell opposing Tom Parkinson, John Parkinson and Dennis Ashbridge.

Good stuff!

Both the Men’s and Women’s Bowling Clubs will combine to host the 2 Day Invitation Over 50’s Mixed 3 Bowl Pairs tournament sponsored by the Palm Lake Resort at Tea Gardens.

This event will be conducted over Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th August.

There will be 3 games of 10 ends on Saturday and 2 games of 10 ends on Sunday.

The total Prize money will be $3,100.00

Entry forms are available at the Club and close on Saturday 31st July or when filled. Entry fee $40.00 per team

Don’t miss this one!



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