Tea Gardens Pool needs urgent repairs

MYALL MASTERS: President Chris Lock and Rhonda Bobako(left) IN DISREPAIR: Tea Gardens Pool.(right)
MYALL MASTERS: President Chris Lock and Rhonda Bobako(left) IN DISREPAIR: Tea Gardens Pool.(right)

REGULAR users of the Tea Gardens community swimming pool are far from happy.

It’s a culmination of factors.

Hawks Nest Golf Club
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There’s been no solar heating since the system broke down last year, the black racing lines are barely visible and there’s a general lack of maintenance and disrepair.

“We had to get a scouring pad to clean the steps leading out of the pool, it was putrid,” said Rhonda Bobako from the Myall Masters swimming group.

Jan Peeters told News Of The Area, “There is a group of 35 ladies who use the pool every day at 7am.”

“Our community is predominantly over 60 which brings wisdom, a sense of humour and also bad backs, knee replacements, hip replacements, arthritis and stiff joints to name just a few ailments, all of which are assisted and improved by swimming, water aerobics or just walking in the water,” Jan said.

“There’s now 95 days of the swimming year when the water is just too cold.

In response, Dan Aldridge, MidCoast Council’s Manager for Community Spaces, said, “The Solar heat system has been decommissioned as it has reached the end of its working life.”

“We have monitored the water temperature of the pool every day in January, with the pool temperature maintained at between 25°C and 30°C.

“We’ve also been working with the key user groups to arrange increased use of the pool blanket to help maintain the pool temperature,” Mr Aldridge said.

On the issue of the black lines, Mr Aldridge blamed a budget shortfall.

“Unfortunately, Council didn’t have a budget for pool painting last year, and with a quote of $50,000 to drain the pool, strip back the surface and apply three to four coats of paint, this is a long term solution.”

Sources have told News Of The Area that MidCoast Council is considering building a new pool in the vicinity of the Coles precinct within the next five years but there’s nothing in writing.

“I’d like to challenge Administrator John Turner and his directors to come down and see for themselves the extent of the work which needs to be done to the pool,” Rhonda said.

‘’The Council promotes a healthy lifestyle, but the pool is just disintegrating into disrepair.’’





One thought on “Tea Gardens Pool needs urgent repairs

  1. If the council can’t find $30k for solar heating and $50k for painting where are they going to find $millions to build a new pool. There is nothing wrong with the one we have that $100k can’t fix.
    5 years may not be a long time to Mr Alderidge but ask our aged persons to wait five years you have got to be joking.
    Apply for a grant from Promised money from State Government and there is even more to be handed out to those councils that were in such a rush to merge.

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