Tea Gardens women saves life of her neighbour

A hunch that something was not right next door has seen a Tea Gardens resident save the life of her 86-year-old neighbour. Tea Gardens Police were approached by the woman last Monday evening who expressed concern for the welfare of her elderly neighbour.

Police said she explained to them that his blinds had not been opened during the day, he had not been seen and that it was bin night and it was extremely unlike him not to have his bins out at 5pm.

Upon arrival, police observed the vertical blinds were closed on all windows, and all doors were locked.

A canvass of the surrounding neighbours confirmed that he had not been seen.
A decision was made to enter the house and check on his welfare.

Police smashed the front glass lounge room window and entered the house.

Upon entering police called for anyone to answer when they heard a male voice yell from the bathroom.

They located the man lying on the floor of the shower on his back with his legs hanging over the shower hob and into the floor of the bathroom.

He had cut himself quite badly on the shower screen and had lost an amount of blood. It is believed he had been lying on the floor for two days.

Police have praised the actions of his neighbour saying she has undoubtedly saved his life by showing a little interest in her community and surrounding neighbours.

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