TIlligerry Couple in competition for Best Restored Motor Vehicles

Judy Camm with her Morris Minor sporting one of her trophies.
Judy Camm with her Morris Minor sporting one of her trophies.


SOMETHING of a family feud has erupted within the Camm household with Geoff and Judy in heavy competition.

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The motor-enthusiasts couple continue to go head-to-head to see who wins the most trophies for their magnificently restored motor vehicles.

Until a couple of weeks ago, the score was two-nil in Judy’s favour but Geoff is closing the gap fast with a win at the local 2019 Motorama.

Judy had previously taken out prizes at both Newcastle and Parkes by exhibiting her Morris Minor tray-back.

Geoff could probably have scored more wins at the Motorama over the past 14 years but for a local rule.

To ensure impartiality, our local car club which hosts the event, bars its members from receiving prizes although they can still exhibit their vehicles.

That changed this year with a special category being reserved for car club members only. Geoff claimed the coveted trophy with his 1955 two-tone Chevrolet.

Motorama was an outstanding success again this year and is clear winner as the largest and most popular annual community event on the Tilligerry Peninsula.


Geoff Camm with his prize winning Chevvy.
Geoff Camm with his prize winning Chevvy.

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