Tilligerry set to advance after Council Amalgamation is not proceeding

'Thumbs up' from Steve Tucker. Happy after amalgamation rejected.
‘Thumbs up’ from Steve Tucker. Happy after amalgamation rejected.


WITH the uncertainty of council amalgamation no longer an issue, it’s full steam ahead for Tilligerry according to Councillor Steve Tucker.

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“By not consulting those affected, the state government was taught a very bitter lesson when they lost the by-election in Orange. I don’t think they will ever raise the issue again,” he told News Of The Area.

“Council has borrowed $6,000,000 for infrastructure development. “I’m thinking of hiving off $1,000,000 for a ‘ big ticket’ project for Tilligerry.”

“Tourism seems to have the biggest potential for creating ongoing prosperity. In particular, it will create part time work for our young people.”

Cr Tucker said the peace and tranquillity of the area is proving popular with day trippers and holiday makers.

“You can see this already after the $1.3 million dollar makeover of Henderson Park,” he said.

“I tend to favour a relocation of the old school buildings from the isolated spot on top of the hill to McCann Park. In tandem with an Arts centre, a tourist information set up and possibly a museum located in the vacated fire station, it would then become a focal point for  market days, fairs, car boot sales and  tourist traffic.”

Another undeveloped site is the large reserve behind the Mallabula jetty.

Cr Tucker believes It will need to be made more ‘people friendly’ by removing the barrier on the access road and given a makeover with seating, BBQs play equipment and other public amenities.

“Of course we need to consider the wider community views and I’ll be drawing together a ‘think tank’ of business people and social groups to come up with a forward vision.”

“Bruce [Mayor MacKenzie] and I would like to thank all those residents who swamped our local member and the state government with phone calls, letters and emails over the amalgamation proposal. People power can move mountains at times.”



One thought on “Tilligerry set to advance after Council Amalgamation is not proceeding

  1. Describing The old school as being “isolated” is a big stretch of the imagination! It may not be “central” , but I would describe it more as “secluded” and a fantastic venue for the quiet pursuit of pastimes like research, arts and crafts, as well as being conducive to the concentration required for particular games of skill, like the Mahjong and bridge groups.

    If anything, it (council) should be encouraging further activities and classes, as well as the rooms being a very suitable meeting area for other groups, especially with the new air-conditioning just approved by council and being installed this week!

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