Turkey goes shopping in Hawks Nest

HAWKS NEST NEWSAGENCY: Brush Turkey goes Shopping.
HAWKS NEST NEWSAGENCY: Brush Turkey goes Shopping.


LOOK closely at the picture taken in the Hawks Nest Newsagency last week.

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Can you see anything amiss in the bait and tackle section?

Sitting next to the bait freezer is a Bush Turkey who came a-callin’ and refused to leave.

Now here’s a few facts you may not have known about the humble Bush Turkey or Brush Turkey.

The Brush Turkey is the most ancient member of a family that dates back 30 million years and includes chickens, quails and peacocks.

The Brush Turkey also became a food staple through the Great Depression with the Country Women’s Association even publishing recipes for brush turkey egg omelettes.

Today, however, the Brush Turkey is mostly regarded as a pest, invading gardens from far North Queensland to south of Sydney.

Newsagency owner Hugo Elstermann wasn’t too impressed either when the curious Brush Turkey managed to make its way through the plastic strips on his store front door just on closing time.

Hawks Nest locals are well aware that Hugo puts in a long day, opening his doors at sun up and not closing until sundown.

So it was a toss up who was the most annoyed.

The Brush Turkey who managed to evade capture, leaping from one end of the shop to the other.

Or Hugo who just wanted to catch the bird and go home.

Of course Hugo eventually won out.

The Brush Turkey finally tired of the chase and gave up, last seen hopping down the street unscathed ready for its next adventure.


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