Vehicular vandalism at Yamba Street garden

Big black tyre marks and uprooted plants were left behind, with some tossed into the bushes.

VEHICULAR vandalism has been wrought upon the small, but beautiful, garden at the corner of Yamba Street and Tuloa Avenue in Hawks Nest.

A small spread of bromeliads, carefully planted by the Tuesday morning volunteer garden group across the road from the newsagency has been run over.

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“It’s a wonder they didn’t take out the Prentice poem pedestal, too,” said Kath Verdon, one volunteer with the garden group who was trying to fix the damage.

The garden, part of the Myall River Art Walk, features a plaque with poetry by Heather Prentice, ‘Where The Flannel Flowers Bloom’.

The corner is quite clearly marked, the street signpost is still standing, untouched, but between it and some large gum trees the place was a mess.

Thankfully, local volunteers Marcus Soane and Dave Ingram pitched in on Tuesday to replant fallen foliage that had been pitched into nearby bushes.

“They are a hardy, low-maintenance plant, and should survive,” Ms Verdon assured News Of The Area.

“We are just disappointed to see the damage, especially as they were starting to flower.”

The garden group asked everyone in town to keep an eye out for the area, hoping people can take pride in their neighbourhood.

“People could easily get on board and help it all look good, rather than run it over,” said Ms Verdon.

She said she hoped it was an accident and people hadn’t taken to running over flowers in their cars.

By Thomas O’KEEFE

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