Week-long festival celebrates love

NAMBUCCA Valley’s new online alternative therapies conference launches on Monday have attracted both local and global attention.

I Love You Week, organised by Valla resident Heidi Lee, is designed to provide a low-cost entry point for people wanting to explore the range of therapies and practices that can heal and enable physical and mental wellbeing.

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“Do you find yourself thinking … if only I had more money, a different job, if I was skinnier or had a partner, I’d be happier,” said Ms Lee.

“Happiness always starts with a love for self that comes from within,” she said.

“Sometimes you just need to find the right tools to live your best, most-loving life. That’s what the team from I Love You Week are here to help with,” she said.

The conference – from 1 to 7 August – features practitioners and therapists experienced in breath work, neural linguistic programming, timeline therapy, hypnosis and much more.

While therapies such as these can all have beneficial effects on common issues such as depression and anxiety, when applied in response to a specific issue, they can prove to be transformational for a patient.

Ms Lee said, “the opportunity provided by I Love You Week is for people to drop in online and sample each of these therapies.

“All the sessions will be live streamed on Facebook for free, although if attendees want to watch in their own time, there’s one low fee for that,” she said.

“Individually, these ‘messengers of wellbeing’ charge going rates for their services, so this is a very affordable chance to sample what’s on offer.

“It could change your life,” she said.

To register, head to https://iloveyouweekww.com/

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