Weekly Emergency Services Update for Port Stephens

Members of the SES – Port Stephens Unit in storm refresher training.


IT’S time for your weekly emergency services update.

Port Stephens SES

The Port Stephens SES Unit have been hard at work over the last week, been retraining, working on specific skills for storm training.

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This included ladder work, stabilisation with props, walking on roofs, tar taping and lashings.

Motor Vehicle Theft

Over the last week, the Port Stephens-Hunter Police District recorded seventeen thefts from motor vehicle offences.
Detective Superintendent Chad Gillies discussed this.

“Our Crime Prevention Officers and Crime Prevention Unit have been engaging with tradies at a number of Bunnings Warehouses across our district, including Maitland Heatherbrae and Taylors Beach.

“Our main goal has been engaging with our community providing information and education around securing your possessions,” Commander Gillies said.

Vehicle owners are reminded to lock and secure vehicles, utes and trailers, as well as ensuring that valuable tools, equipment and possessions are not left out.


It’s Scam Awareness week and Crime Stoppers are bringing awareness through the TALK acronym.

The number one way you can prevent scams is by talking about them.

T: Talk to your friends, family, neighbours, colleagues about a scam you’ve come across, and share information.

A: Ask a simple question, like “have you ever been scammed?” or “what’s your top tip for avoiding scams?” to get the conversation started.

You could even ask, “Have you received any of these flubot scam texts?”

L: Listen.

Sharing scam stories and experiences is helpful.

Create a safe space for someone you know to talk to you about scams.

K: Keep talking- awareness is our biggest defence against scams.




Members of the SES – Port Stephens Unit hard at work with refresher training.

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