Worimi art on display at Karuah RSL

Karuah RSL Indigenous Liaison Officer Max Manton and Karuah RSL CEO Chris Fraser demonstrate some of the story elements in the artworks soon to be on display.

LOCAL Worimi artwork celebrating the upper Port Stephens and Karuah River country will soon be on display at the Karuah RSL Club.

Worimi art works are individually unique to the maritime area that inspires them, and are created by local artists to reflect their culture, origins and country.

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The Karuah RSL Club has long respected, admired and displayed local Indigenous artwork and is recommencing its tradition of displaying Worimi art following the latest refurbishments to the club house.

Karuah RSL’s Indigenous Liaison Officer Max Manton told NOTA that newly emerging Worimi artists will now have a venue to display, and in some cases offer for sale, their work within the newly refurbished Karuah RSL.

The stories and history of the artworks and the details of the artists will also be displayed.

“The Club’s mission statement supports and fosters all local members and that is aided by our displaying and celebrating the unique style and cultural storytelling of the artworks to be displayed,” said Chris Fraser, CEO of the Karuah RSL Club.

“Our opportunity to display and on occasions offer to sell the works on behalf of local Worimi artists fosters their future works and publicises the quality and talents of emerging local artists.”

The colour, styles, stories, and unique sea and landscapes featured in the artworks reflect the beauty and history of the Karuah region and its local and original Worimi people.

The RSL Club, which is positioned overlooking the Karuah River and Upper Port Stephens, gives a scenic and classical backdrop to the works to be displayed.

Artworks will be rotated through the display and all proceeds from the sales of the art will be passed directly to the artists themselves.

“The RSL Club, while not setting itself as an art gallery, would be greatly pleased to be able to support and encourage local artists by facilitating the sale of their works and encouraging a newly emerging business opportunity,” Mr Fraser said.

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