Tuloa Ave, Hawks Nest missing crucial pedestrian crossing

The recent roadworks were a big affair, ripping up and completely resurfacing Tuloa Avenue in front of the Hawks Nest shops.

ROADWORKS upon Tuloa Avenue, Hawks Nest’s main street, has left it with a beautifully smooth surface, however the pedestrian ‘zebra’ crossing has not been replaced, more than a week after the project concluded.

At the time of writing, there were only three vestigial white bars from the old crossing, practically invisible to anyone who did not already know they were there.

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“The long weekend, we saw several family groups attempt to cross the road at random points, slowing traffic to a crawl to avoid collecting them,” one local motorist commented to NOTA.

“Some local drivers will still stop to allow pedestrians across, but some will just speed on through, choosing to ignore the crossing that used to be there,” commented another during ad hoc on-site discussions.

During the recent June long weekend, many more out-of-town motorists were observed shooting through the crossing zone, more than likely oblivious to its previous existence.

The lack of line markings has caused strong community concerns for safety, especially as the old crossing was so close to the one and only roundabout in town.

At the recent Community Conversations held by MidCoast Council in the Community Hall mere metres away from the crossing site, several more locals quizzed Council’s Engineering Director, Robert Scott, on the absence of the zebra crossing.

“Reseals are still coming, as is the section from Kingsfisher Avenue to Sanderling Avenue, and various segments along the Myall Way,” Mr Scott informed those present.

“Line markings are supposed to happen as soon as possible after the resurfacing finishes,” Mr Scott said.

There was not, however, any clear explanation as to why there was no reinstatement of the pedestrian crossing.

Some locals also suggested that the crossing be relocated further north up Tuloa Ave, closer to the shops, and further away from the roundabout.

By Thomas O’KEEFE

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