Wormo’s Shave Off raises over $4500 for Cancer Council NSW

Wormo with his nieces on Shave Off day.

“YOU don’t realise how hot it got with all that hair and now it’s gone it does feel great,” said cancer survivor Colin ‘Wormo’ Wormleaton after his fundraising Shave Off saw his tresses tumble to the ground.

The cooling cut took place at Nambucca Heads Island Golf Club on Saturday 4 March.

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Having grown his hair for fourteen months in a bid to raise $2,000 for Cancer Council NSW, on the final day the funds raised hit $4,500 and then some more.

“To my surprise and support from Nambucca Heads Golf Club together we raised $4,515…boom, go Parra,” the delighted Wormo told News Of The Area.

“The shave day was fantastic with my family and golfing friends and just having a good ole laugh and a beer with everyone.

“It’s funny how I made my decision to grow my hair to raise money for the Cancer Council and put a figure up which I thought was a bit high, $2,000 for growing ya hair,” he said.

Happy to be proved wrong and find the total more than double his high ask, Wormo is justly proud.

Mrs Wormo, Nelly Wormleaton, told NOTA she’s “very happy the hair has left the building”.

Wormo’s relatives made it a memorable and musical family affair on the outside deck with Nelly playing the saxophone and nephew Ayrton on the double bass, while his nieces Sidney, six, and Leila, four, took around a donation box.

For grandson Henry, it was the first time he had seen Wormo without his thick mop and bushy beard.

The eight-month-old was wide-eyed and open-mouthed when looking at Wormo after Nambucca Valley Barber Shop’s Nathan Ison had finished with the clippers.

The Shave Off was a jovial and interactive affair with little Sidney helping with the chop.

Comments from onlookers and supporters flowed freely.

Throughout different stages of the shave Wormo was described as: Goldilocks, Rapunzel, Uncle Fester from the Addams Family to an 18th century statesman and even references to characters from the Sons of Anarchy drama series.

The golf club also joined the event, presenting Wormo with a beanie for his shaven head.

Wormo was diagnosed with Stage Four melanoma on his 50th birthday in September 2015.

Stage four means the cancer has spread to other parts of the body and not just the source.

He has been a recipient of targeted therapy or ‘Magic Meds’ as Wormo calls them.

“He has hit milestone after milestone,” said Nelly.

“We never thought he’d see the girls graduate high school, now there’s been university graduation and a grandson.

“The family motto is: every day is a good day.”

Cancer Council NSW invests millions of dollars each year into cancer research to save lives.


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