Worms, waste and household wellness at Stuarts Point

Attendees get a physical demonstration of a working worm farm.

ON Monday 17 April visitors to the Stuarts Point Community Hall were confronted with a collection of wriggling kitchen scraps, though the free event was conducted for positive educational purposes, and there were no offensive sights or odours to endure.

In conjunction with Midwaste, Kempsey Shire Council held the workshop from 1 to 3pm which focused on educating householders on the benefits of utilising kitchen scraps by using simple composting systems and strategies.

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Facilitator Chelsea Hands from Midwaste Port Macquarie, also a committed beekeeper and community gardens coordinator, commenced her delivery by displaying a working worm farm and explaining basic advice and recommendations for creating your own healthy family farm.

The audience comprised a dozen enthusiasts, some of which had travelled from Kempsey and Macksville, and were keen to get the low down on general composting ‘do’s and don’ts’, even without the help of a dedicated worm farm.

One local, John, a seasoned composter commented, “Think of a rainbow, use every colour, not just potato peels.”

Complimentary notes and paraphernalia emphasised ‘CPR for the Earth’:
– C – Create nutrient rich alive soil for your garden for FREE
– P – Prevent avoidable green waste going to landfill (reducing methane and leachate)
– R – Recycle food scraps, kitchen waste and green waste are valuable resources

With basic yet comprehensive teachings, Chelsea’s aim to educate did not fall on deaf ears, with many attendees vowing to expand and share their growing knowledge.

Further workshops are planned focused on ‘Bees Wax Wrap’ making and ‘Eco Cleaning’.

For more info and details on future workshops contact Kempsey Shire Council and Midwaste.


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