Abandoned Trolleys Fall Under New Legislation

A grouping of trolleys at a park on the corner of Spinnaker Way and Sandy Point Road was left in the same location for over a week. Photo: Marian Sampson.

CHANGES to NSW legislation has put retailers on notice when it comes to abandoned shopping trolleys.

Abandoned trolleys turn up in all manner of places and have even been cleared from Nelson Bay Marina by Sea Shelter cleanup volunteer divers in the past.

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As of November 1 the laws have changed under the introduction of the Public Spaces (Unattended Property) Act 2021.

Port Stephens Council Rangers have advised, “Council’s general approach to unattended trolleys will not change.

“The Act classifies a trolley as a Class 2 Item.

“The unattended period for a Class 2 item is seven days.

“The best way a member of the community can report an unattended trolley is to report it directly to the appropriate collection agency.”

You can report abandoned shopping trolleys belonging to Woolworths including Dan Murphy’s and Big W on https://trolleytracker.com.au/ or by calling 1800-641-497 (Mobile app available – Trolley Tracker app)
For abandoned Coles trolleys, including 1st Choice Liquor and Kmart shopping trolleys, report at https://www.coles.com.au/customer-care/abandoned-trolleys or call 1800 876 553 (Mobile app available – Coles app).

For Abandoned Aldi shopping trolleys call 13 25 34 or https://help.aldi.com.au/s/abandoned-trolley-or-catalog
For other brands of abandoned trolleys contact Bunnings on 1300 554 777, Target on 1800 163 900 and small retailers directly.

“If these collection agencies fail to collect the trolley in a reasonable timeframe (after the complainant has contacted them), customers can make a report to Council for further action.”


Scattered well over a kilometre from the shops are more solo shopping trolleys dumped on the streets of Port Stephens. Photo: Marian Sampson.

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