ADVERTISING FEATURE: Find community and connection at Marion Grove

At Marian Grove, your new lifestyle is waiting!

FOR thirty years Sawtell Catholic Care has provided accommodation and services to the community they care for.

Marian Grove has been the flagship of our brand over these years, setting a high standard for retirement living.

Marian Grove Village is well- known for being a welcoming and connected community.

Your like-minded neighbours will always give you a smile and a ‘hello’ as you pass by.

Co-located on the village’s beautiful 40 acres of land, now inclusive of The Link Garden and café, is residential care home Mater Christi, and Sawtell Home Care service is quickly growing a reputation for unconditional kindness and support.

The continuum of care at Marian Grove is always evolving and adapting to the needs of residents as they change over time, sustaining their independence and enhancing their quality of life.

Marian Grove has been a place of serenity and sanctuary to many over the years, close to everything, but away from the bustle of an ever-busier world.

At Marian Grove, your new lifestyle is waiting!

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