ADVERTISING FEATURE: Friday Techies returns with exciting activities

Each Friday, children delve into a new world of learning and fun.

THE Education Centre is thrilled to announce the relaunch of its beloved ‘Techies’ program (previously Tech-Titans) for primary students, now under new leadership and bursting with excitement!

“At Techies, now Steam Scene, we believe in nurturing young minds through hands-on tech activities that inspire creativity and critical thinking,” The Education Centre team said.

“Our program offers a diverse range of activities designed to captivate and educate, including computer gaming, Lego and K’nex challenges, train modelling, coding workshops, robotics, board games and engaging challenges.”

Each Friday, children delve into a new world of learning and fun, guided by The Education Centre’s dedicated team.

“With our renewed commitment to providing a structured yet enjoyable environment, we invite families to rediscover Techies and experience firsthand the joy of learning through technology. “Together, let’s inspire the next generation of innovators and problem-solvers.”

For enrolment details and further information, please visit or call 02 6652 2222/0478413549.

Join Mick and Angus this Friday and embark on an adventure in learning with Techies!

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