Animal Rescue Coffs Harbour launches free cat desexing program

ARCH found Homie motherless and abandoned as a day-old kitten, now happily rehomed and desexed herself.

DUMPED kittens, abandoned cats and surrendered bundles of unwanted furry friends are the target of Animal Rescue Coffs Harbour’s (ARCH) new fee-free cat desexing program.

With breeding season upon us, ARCH is providing the free cat desexing program to eligible residents of the Coffs Harbour district.

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Eligible residents are required to hold a pension, concession, or health care card; and their cat must be at least 3.5 months of age and in good general health.

“We encourage desexing of all cats when they are old enough, primarily to prevent unwanted litters, which in turn prevents kittens being dumped, abandoned, or surrendered,” Heather Watson, ARCH President, told News Of The Area.

“This is especially important in the lead-up to kitten season, which is Spring and Summer, when we always see an increase in the number of kittens needing to be rescued and rehomed through our service.”

Cats can start breeding from a very young age and can sometimes have up to two litters each season.

“Desexing can also have positive health benefits for the cat, and can help to prevent anti-social behaviours, so really, the desexing process is a good thing on all levels,” she said.

The program will run until 30 June 2024.

Eligible residents can apply by going to ARCH’s website and completing the application form at

An ARCH representative will then get in touch via email to approve the application and provide all the relevant details needed to get their cat booked into our nominated veterinary practice.

Vanessa asks the community to help spread the message.

“People can help get the word out by telling their friends, family and colleagues, and by sharing our Facebook posts about the program.

“We aim to reach as many people as possible and get as many cats desexed as possible, so anyone who can help us do that is a crucial and valuable part of the process,” she said.

For more information visit the Animal Rescue Coffs Harbour, ARCH Facebook page.


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