Anna Bay community unites to save Pixie the Alpine Dingo

Pixie on Anna Bay’s Birubi Beach.

THE community of Anna Bay has come together to rehome Pixie, a pure alpine dingo.

Pixie’s owner was unable to continue to care for her after she escaped two days before they moved permanently to Tasmania.

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Pixie, a microchipped and registered family pet, had been seen on Birubi Beach and around Anna Bay by members of the community since her escape.

While it is hard enough to rehome dogs, rehoming dingoes holds a completely different set of challenges.

The animal loving public sprang into action, with a post on the community Facebook page registering over 10,000 hits in the search for a forever home for Pixie.

The post was also shared on the Birubi Paws group.

“Pixie was moving around locally and was turning up at our place at 6pm – we kept feeding her to make a habit of it,” said local Greg May.

“We spoke to the Council rangers but they can’t touch dingoes, and the pound wouldn’t take her.

“Saija Linnajaervi, my wife, caught her.

“We organised a place for her to stay temporarily and then found a forever home at Happy Paws Haven, out near Grafton,” Greg said.

Sally Rogers, the founder of Happy Paws Haven, said Pixie is “settling in well” and interacting with two other young female dingoes at the sanctuary.

“It is very hard to find places in sanctuaries at the moment, everywhere is full,” she said.

“So are the pounds and many rescue organisations have full breed dogs waiting for adoption.

“We have two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and even Cavadoodles waiting to find homes.”

Sally believes current economic conditions and the post-Covid rental market has led to an increase in animals in need of rescue and rehoming.

Greg is asking for members of the community to consider making a donation to Happy Paws Haven to help cover the costs involved in rescuing Pixie and her ongoing support at the sanctuary.

You can donate at


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