Anna Bay local residents discover illegal dumping of asbestos on Gan Gan Rd

An improperly wrapped load of building materials containing asbestos was dumped on Gan Gan Rd.

ANNA Bay local John Langius received a rude surprise when out for a Sunday afternoon walk with his family.

On 26 March, John was walking along Gan Gan Rd when he happened upon a pile of debris dumped by the side of the road.

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This would be a gross act of illegal dumping in and of itself but John – a plumber by trade and well familiar with building materials – recognised the real danger with the rubbish pile.

Posting to social media, John put the warning out to local residents.

“Anyone had asbestos removed lately?

“Have found where it’s been dumped – Gan Gan Rd on the straight just before Rocky turn.”

John reported the incident to Port Stephens Council immediately.

Brock Lamont, Strategy and Environment Section Manager for Port Stephens Council said, “Port Stephens Council has had the debris removed from Gan Gan Road, One Mile and taken to Newline Road landfill site.”

Travis Hay of Hay Enterprises, a local professional registered to remove and safely dispose of asbestos, said, “Any loads have to be tracked by the EPA, and can only be transported by a licensed professional using an EPA app.”

Mr Hay said local waste stations won’t accept asbestos loads when an unlicensed builder attempts to drop them off.

“That’s when you get dumping like this.”

Mr Lamont reminded residents that current fines for transport of asbestos to an unlawful facility or area are $4000 for an individual or $8000 for a corporation.

“If residents find asbestos on or in their property, we recommend they refer to the state government website and contact a licensed asbestos assessor to provide advice,” Mr Lamont said.

Mr Hay warned that attempting to remove asbestos could contaminate a person’s home if not done properly.

Port Stephens Council strongly encourages residents to report any illegal dumping via the Report and Request link on their website or call their Customer Experience team on 4988 0255.

For more information visit

By Lindsay HALL

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