Big catch for Luke Boyd, Hawks Nest Social Fishing

The last weigh in for the current fishing season was held on Sunday 3 May.   The ladies division winner for the outing was Jessica Slow catching some great bream.

Andrew Sharp fished very well to catch his bag limit of bream to win himself runner up for the outing.

A special mention goes to Jed Malone for catching the biggest bream,1.04 kg cleaned, for the whole season on the last outing of the year.

The outing winner for the weekend was Luke Boyd catching the biggest mulloway of the season during the last outing of the current season.

Luke Boyd
Luke Boyd

It’s all fingers crossed now for the the club competitors, as the season closes and everyone awaits for the presentation night where all will be revealed.

The first social fishing outing for the year will be the Gibber to Gibber held on 15 – 17 May 2015.



BIG FISH: Luke Boyd with social competition’s biggest mulloway caught for the season.

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