Will Stroud lose their Police presence? What about other smaller stations?

The Stroud community has come together to start a petition which was out and about last Friday in conjunction with ‘change.org’ as The President of the NSW Police Association Scott Webber is asking NSW Government to close all one and two man Regional Police Stations, due to terrorism fears.

In small communities like we have around the Myall Coast, the local police officer is valued, respected and pivotal in helping locals feeling safe.

‘One-man’ Police Stations as Stroud is, are normally manned by a ‘special breed’ of person.

They work in these stations through choice and are usually highly regarded persons in their community.

If Government approve the proposal, this will mean many of one-man Police Stations will also be closed around NSW including, Karuah and many others.

Great Lakes Councillor Karen Hutchinson told Myall Coast News, “Senior Constable Brad Smith is one in a million, he is very well known, respected and very responsive to the community.”

Great Lakes Councillor Karen Hutchison
Great Lakes Councillor Karen Hutchison

Most recently during the floods he has been named a local hero along with local resident Michael Maytom as they plucked several people from rising flood waters in a small fishing boat at the local showground in early hours of the morning.

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Karen Hutchison

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