Bill Doran former Independent candidate for the seat of Port Stephens says both sides should swallow pride



Dear News Of The Area,

I RAN as an independent for the seat of Port Stephens and just as I predicted lon Sunday, the withdrawal of promises has started.

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The Berejiklian government is now punishing the seat of Port Stephens for not putting Jaimie (Abbott) in the seat through this backflip on the Fingal bay link road.

Kate (Washington) will claim there’s nothing she can do about the money or promise because we didn’t put a Labor government in.

To both sides, we don’t want excuses, we want community results and if that means one or both sides need to swallow some pride, then do it!

Ms Berejiklian, you made an allowance for that money so why not take that $188 million and use it to compensate those in the PFAS Red zone with a state land buyback for example. That will be one massive Port Stephens problem the best part of solved.

Or invest that money in a regular fast ferry service around the entire bay. Thus increasing opportunities for numerous people around the electorate, both visitors and residents alike.

Teddy Roosevelt once said “Complaining without offering alternatives is whining” so here are some alternatives.

Now we need our leaders to act like adults, listen to us and collaborate for better community outcomes.

Bill Doran
(former Independent candidate for the seat of Port Stephens)

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