Businesses spearhead Hawks Nest Plaza revival, keen on Council’s dormant plans

Kaili Kitchen and daughter Lily outside Café Providence, with Nims looking on.

DORMANT plans for Hawks Nest Plaza could make the difference, as the open area along Booner Street has witnessed a recent revival by local businesses.

The Plaza received a new ground surface years ago, but little else has been realised from a Council plan dating back to 2015.

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“This matter has been on the MidCoast Council planning agenda for several years, with Stage One completed, but not yet Stage Two, which revitalises the area with shade, plants, lighting, art, and even a stage,” Bruce Murray, Hawks Nest Tea Gardens Progress Association (HNTGPA) President told NOTA.

Upon seeing the eight-year-old plans, Kaili Kitchen, owner of the Plaza’s Café Providence since February, said, “The possibilities are huge – we could run movie nights, footy games, live music, and integrate local Aboriginal involvement, too.”

The weather is most problematic upon the Plaza, as Ms Kitchen told NOTA, “On a sunny day, we can have a good lunch crowd, but once the rain hits, like it did on Easter, business instantly dries up,” Ms Kitchen said.

Kaili and her daughter daily assemble all the furniture, umbrellas and kids’ area, but must drag it all back in when the weather shifts.

“We want to create a happy, lively, kid-friendly space, for people and their furry friends,” Ms Kitchen referred to rectifying the desolate emptiness that haunts the Plaza after 4pm.

Mel Singh, of Sundara Massage, also situated on the Plaza, told NOTA, “I actually located my business here because there was already a café, and I like the idea that people can come for a massage and then enjoy the weather and a treat.”

“The Progress Association is keen to work with locals, building on earlier plans to support an upgrade, including working with the MCC and applying for relevant grants,” HNTGPA President Murray told NOTA.

“We would be happy to see the area revitalised and part of next year’s Seniors Festival, linking the renovated Hawks Nest Community Centre and shopping Plaza.”

By Thomas O’KEEFE

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