Charles Blackman limited edition artist print “Butterflies Path” for sale

The aging population on the Myall Coast, means our men carry a higher risk of developing prostate cancer.

Phil Dowling and Fred O’Brien
Phil Dowling and Fred O’Brien

A group of Tea Gardens Gardens Hawks Nest residents have formed the Prostate Support Awareness (PSA) in a bid to raise awareness of the incidence of Prostate Cancer in the community.

Group member Howard Grant said the realisation that prostate cancer could happen to anyone hit him when a friend who he considered healthy was struck down by the disease.

“I just did expect him to get it. I had a stereotype of the kind of person who would get this disease and he didn’t fit it,” he said.

PSA meets the last Tuesday of each month at Benchmark on Booner in Hawks Nest.

Associate members who may not be suffering the disease but want to help promote awareness are also encouraged to help out with the club.

Associate members work to keep up a publicity campaign and raise money for the Prostate Cancer Research at the Trans Tasman Radio Oncology Group (TROG) based at the Calvary Mater Hospital in Newcastle.

PSA recently received an anonymous donation of the Charles Blackman limited edition artist print  “Butterflies Path”.
It will be offered for sale and all money raised will go directly to TROG.

For further information about PSA or the Charles Blackman print please contact Howard Grant 0402 36 12 72 or

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