Clean Up Australia Day at Stuarts Point

A quantity of the morning haul ready for sorting

THOUGH the official ‘Clean Up Australia Day’ for 2023 was on March 5, the local Stuarts Point volunteering crew chose to reschedule due to a number of previous commitments earlier in the month, so the date was set for Sunday March 26.

Dedicated community support worker, Briana Rae Earle coordinated the day’s efforts.

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“We had quite a successful day and I believe we had sixteen volunteers but there is a whole lot more work left for us to do in Stuarts Point to keep our waterways clear and our future bright.

“I will be posting (on social media) soon to gather a group of people together to get some of the bigger locations cleaned up and cleared of rubbish,” Briana said.

“Our beautiful community stepped up and cleaned up, and we started off with six empty bins thanks to the Kempsey Shire Council, and a team of like minded community members with positive attitudes.

“Eventually we ended the morning with full bins, some bulky items and plenty of weird and unexpected finds and lots of laughs!

“Our environment and waterways are now clear of close to 1000 litres of rubbish and we would like to say a massive thank you to the guys at Painted Blue Coffee for the delicious cold brew and all your help with organising and motivating and a big thank you to Stuarts Point Workers Recreation and Bowls Club for supplying our hard workers with morning tea.

“To all of our community who stepped up, thank you!

“We hope to see you all in the future.

“To everyone who wanted to but couldn’t be there, keep your eyes peeled because we will be doing this again.”

Clean Up Australia Day is held on the first Sunday of March every year and encourages people to clean up their local areas.

Anyone can register a place they plan to clean up on the Clean Up Australia website and others can join them there.


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