Community Spirit Alive in the Tilligerry

Bobby and Cheryl, so grateful for everyone’s help (Photo courtesy of Maureen Hopkins,)
Bobby and Cheryl, so grateful for everyone’s help
(Photo courtesy of Maureen Hopkins,)

TOO often we hear negative stories about young people, the lack of community spirit and the negativity of social media.

There is, however, another side to the coin.

Recently a call was put out by two aged pensioners in the Tilligerry area through Social Media asking for volunteers for an hour or two to help them move house.

The couple could not afford to pay for removalists and were moving just two doors down from where they were currently living.

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Sunday morning, members of the local community, including a group of teenagers turned up to help the couple.

It was a wonderful show of community spirit with the elderly couple sending out a thank you to everyone the following day.

“Thank you to all of those wonderful people who arrived to assist us in our move yesterday.

“Your selfless contribution of time and effort along with your trailers etc is appreciated beyond words.

“We do not know how we can ever repay you except that if ever any of you require assistance you know where we are.

“A special mention to the merry band of teenagers who arrived on their pushbikes and carried boxes etc non stop until the job was done. You are a credit to yourselves and to your generation,”  Bobby and Cheryl

“Twenty of us turned up,there was no way, the couple would have been able to move without everyone’s help. Some wonderful new friendships were formed on the day,” Maureen Hopkins told News Of The Area.

Matthew from Tilligerry Aquatic Centre saw the story and has given each person who helped,free entry into the Centre as a goodwill gesture.

The newly made friends are planning a bbq get together at the centre in the very near future.

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By Jewell DRURY

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    1. What a lovely makes me even more proud to be part of this generous community. You are great role models. Well done.

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