Defib Hero program install first AEDs in Coffs

Coffs Harbour Yacht Club Director Tammy Mills-Thom with the AED installed at the club.

THE Defib Hero Community Program in Coffs Harbour installed its first Automated External Defibrillator (AED) on Tuesday morning at the Bailey Centre.

Further defibrillators were due to be installed throughout the week at Sawtell Commons, Park Beach Homebase and Coffs Harbour Yacht Club.

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With the new defibrillators installed, they are being registered on the Defib Hero App so as they can easily be located in the critical moment of need.

These first five new defibrillators are courtesy of the program’s partners: The Shoreline, the Bailey Centre, Gowing Bros. Ltd, C3 Group, The Bayrange Group and Gosling Group.

Each comes with tamper-proof casing and is available 24/7 at these key locations.

Championing the program, Bonville Golf Resort General Manager Brad Daymond told News Of The Area, “Over the next three months we will have fifteen more defibrillators installed across the Coffs Harbour LGA.

“We are mapping out sites to give even dispersal of the defibrillators to work toward our end goal for everyone in the LGA to be in reach of a defibrillator within three minutes,” he said.

The general understanding is that every minute lost lowers your chance of surviving a cardiac arrest by ten percent.

Following the launch of the Defib Hero Community Program in Coffs on 15 May, there’s been over 1,500 downloads of the program’s app.

“It’s a great start,” said Brad, “we’re thrilled at the volume of people downloading the app, but more work is required.

“Ideally, at least ten percent of our local population need to download the app so that someone involved in an emergency will likely have it to locate the nearest defibrillator when needed.”

Additionally, 31 defibrillators have now been registered on the Defib Hero App thus far.

“We would like to see more, as we know there are a lot more in our community,” said Brad.

It’s free, there’s no cost and it tells you exactly where AEDs are available in the community.

“There’s also defib training on the app – take a look, it’s pretty simple,” said Brad.

“The more defibrillators we have, the better for everyone.”

The motto for the Defib Hero campaign is ‘Saving the community – one life at a time’.


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