Branding irons deliver scorching hot donations to Dorrigo’s Highview

Dorrigo Lions Club President John Carey presents a generous donation to Nurse Manager Lynn Forsyth while Highview staff and Lions proudly display the timber slab bearing the farm brands of the highest bidders.

THE Lions Club of Dorrigo has donated $5,000 to the Dorrigo Multi-Purpose Service after raising the funds through an unusual project.

The generous gift was made possible through a unique and innovative fundraising project that appealed to the local farming community.

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In a spirited auction, local farmers bid for the right to have their farm brand burned into a large timber slab.

The substantial donation will go towards enhancing the comfort and care of frail aged residents at Highview through the purchase of patient comfort items and essential equipment.

Highview, a part of Dorrigo Multi-Purpose Service, is dedicated to offering a comfortable and supportive environment for frail aged residents.

Nurse Manager Lynn Forsyth expressed her gratitude towards the Dorrigo Lions Club, not only for their substantial donation, but also their creativity and commitment in organising such an original fundraising initiative.

“We are incredibly thankful to the Lions for their support,” Ms Forsyth said.

“Their innovative approach to fundraising has provided us with valuable resources to improve the quality of life for our residents.

“This donation highlights the strong community spirit and dedication to supporting local healthcare services in Dorrigo.

“The funds will be instrumental in ensuring that Highview’s frail aged residents receive the comfort and care they deserve.”


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