Denise Dewar, Hawks Nest writes to MidCoast Council about Hawk Nest pathway


Dear News Of The Area,


PART of a letter I posted to the MidCoast Council on the 7 September to the attention of Manager Operations South.

Please give the following,serious consideration, concerning the “new” path between Ibis St and the Singing Bridge,Hawks Nest.

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It is not safe.

Cars approach “walkers”, travelling over 80kph,driving over the white line.

It remains uneven, sloping towards the right.

It has proven an ideal spot to park the campervan to look for koalas!

An ideal break down lane,observed  by many locals.

Another stretch to do a “u” turn,as happens,more space.

Most uncomfortable to walk on,no idea how a stroller is pushed.

The path is covered in debris from the above trees.

How to clear??? If a “blower” is used,say goodbye to the grey metal.

Would this surface and finish be accepted along the prestigious waterfront at Tea Gardens??

I think not.

Why should Hawks Nest? It is a disgrace.


Denise Dewar,

Hawks Nest.


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